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Sports Threesixty Management

7-1, Jalan Wangsa Delima 2A,
Seksyen 5 Wangsa Maju,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +60 3 4142 1333
Fax: +60 3 4131 9796
E-mail: admin@sports360.my

Sports ThreeSixty Management (Sports360) offers self-service online registration portal for any participants of all kinds of sports — from intimate fun sporting activities, professional race to massive sports event. We help people all over the world to participate the sports event based in Malaysia which hosted in our platform and get connected to the event organiser directly.

The online event registration services provided by Sports360 allows participants a swift and secure purchase of participations and guarantees for a smooth entry to the event. Well experience, flexible, fully focused make Sports360 a reliable partner for both sports organisers and participants.

How it works? - We provide 3 easy steps for both organisers and participants

For Sports Event Organiser

  1. Contact us and create your event
  2. Promote and monitor your event registration
  3. Host an event

For Sports Participants

  1. Register yourself for the selected event
  2. Issue a payment securely via our portal
  3. Participate in the registered event

Why Sports360? - 7 Reasons to partner and register with us

For Sports Event Organiser

  1. Cost savings - the most reliable online registration platform to consider
  2. Outsource the hassle of registration and concentrate managing the rest of your event matters
  3. Sports360 provides extensive, flexible and friendly event registration and management platform
  4. We help to promote and publicise your event via social media & email marketing
  5. Provide event assistance such as ticketing service on site during goodies collection
  6. Comprehensive event registration and payment reports
  7. Clean user interface and extremely responsive support by our technical team

For Sports Participants

  1. Trusted provider, managing many successful events within the first year of operation
  2. Secure payment handling - you can issue a payment manually or via direct debit & credit card
  3. Get your on-time registration confirmation via email
  4. Manage your registration details by login to our portal
  5. Join your desire sports event with higher level of confidence
  6. Responsive 24/7 email and text support
  7. Run by sports team - we fully understand your concerns as the team also participated in many sports events locally and internationally

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